FWM Cause Kit/VBS

Some of our most passionate ambassadors are children.

When they learn that there are people around the world who cannot go to school, earn a living, or meet with their friends because they lack mobility – and they learn of God’s heart for these people – these children are moved to pray and take action for them.

Download our free Cause Kit to resource your children’s ministry. Each edition includes lessons, based on real-life stories of children around the world whose lives have been transformed by the simple gift of a wheelchair, that include fun facts on countries, questions for reflection, activities, printable takeaways, prayer points, and suggestions on different ways that children can advocate for people living with disabilities in developing nations.

For more information, please contact:

Angela Gomez
Director of Development
949.273.8470 x208

In addition to the downloadable kit, these resources for your cause campaign or VBS can be mailed to you, free of charge.

Tabletop Poster Hardcover Book Story Cards
TablePoster PhotoBook


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